STEP 1: Always, always, always hand-wash your cashmere! Find a sink, bathtub, or really anything with a bowl like structure and bring the water to a comfortable temperature (not scorching but also not cold to the touch).

STEP 2: Choose the cleaning product of your choice and pour the designated amount into the water. Remember, your lovely sweater is made out of wool so gentle products are the best way to go.

STEP 3: Immerse the sweater and begin massaging the fabric, make sure the soapy water sinks in. Try to stray away from stretching the material to insure the piece holds its structure.

STEP 4: Let the cashmere soak for 10-15 minutes.

STEP 5: Place the sweater on a towel and gently roll together to press out any excess moisture.

STEP 6: Lay your sweater on a clean, dry towel until dry.

STEP 7: An optional final step (our little secret) is when your sweater is BONE-DRY you can toss it in the dryer for two minutes on medium heat to ensure a soft and lofty feel.